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  • February 14th, 2012

    If suunto core black and not surprisingly the infamous suunto elementum ventus are out of your budget you will discover a great deal more options on the market! There are so many different gadget watches on the market today that it doesn’t matter what kind of features you want your watch to have, it’s highly likely that you will be able to find them. Some gadget watches are made for very specific kinds of activities like running or swimming but others work more as conversation starters or are just fun to wear. The following are some of the latest ideas for gadget watches that we’ve found.

    GSI Two-Way Multi-Channel Wrist Watch Walkie Talkies, which are sold as a pair, are a fun and useful type of gadget watch. Walkie-talkies are fun gadgets that have been around in lots of different forms for a really long time and you almost never hear people talking about them anymore. This is because the advent of smart phones have made walkie-talkies seem not quite so necessary. Even so, there are still lots of places where cell phone reception isn’t existent like in the mountains or other wilderness areas. These GSI watches are therefore very useful for hiking and other outdoor activities and can prevent you from losing contact with another person. They will work well even in the most extreme weather conditions and the sound quality is always very clear. These walkie-talkie watches can be used both by grown ups and kids and are pretty reasonably priced–they usually only cost about fifty dollars a pair.

    Stanley is well known for the tools it makes but the company also makes gadget watches that have a variety of tools attached to them. You might find it difficult to believe but there actually are watches that come with tape measures, screwdrivers and one even comes with a vice. Most of the time it is hard to find the simpler tools when you need them so having them strapped to your wrist can be really convenient. This means that if something needs to be tightened or measured, you will always be properly prepared. Stanley watches come with a bunch of different features that aren’t tools, like the stopwatch function, EL backlight and alarms. You can find a lot of different Stanley tool watches that will have a variety of tools in them and, most of the time, they start at about $50.

    If you want to buy a gadget watch, either for yourself or as a gift, you need to keep a few different factors in mind. You can begin with a budget because these watches can cost anywhere from twenty dollars to thousands of dollars. Fortunately you will be able to find a lot of different gadget watches that are really reasonably priced these days. You should also consider how durable the watch is, and whether or not its water resistant, especially if you’re very active and want a sports type watch. Don’t forget about the more basic qualities any good watch needs to have, like the ability to keep really accurate time and have a long battery life.

    Due to the fact that our obsession with technology grows more every day, gadget watches have never been more popular. You don’t have to settle for the watch that will only tell you the time and what day it is. Whether you’re looking for a sports watch to help you keep track of the distance you run or a watch that you can also use as a camera, a calculator or a flashlight, there are gadget watches out there for you. One more thing don’t forget to find out more about Suunto vector.

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